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Monday, December 12, 2011

Resistance 3 Review.

Join the Resistance and save humanity from extinction.


Resistance is often one of the most overlooked games out there. This year it was no different going up against heavy titles like, Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3, CoDMW3, Uncharted 3 and believe it or not a few 3DS games and Wii games as well. Insomniac did a great job putting together this title as it follows the struggle mankind has to face against the ruthless Chimera. The player will take a road trip through America’s backyard in what I think is one of the few games that revived my interest in gaming.
Resistance 3 starts out with a spoiler so those who haven’t played Resistance 2, might want to finish up that game before starting this one. The story takes place 4 years after the incidents of Resistance 2. America is the only surviving nation fighting against the Chimera invasion. You take the role of Joseph Capelli, A soldier with a dishonorable discharge from the SPRA. Joseph takes refuge in Oklahoma with his family as part of a resistance group against the Chimera. He is then sought out by Malikov, an army Dr. who finds a cure for the Chimera virus using Hale’s blood samples. He explains to Joseph that the Chimera have opened a worm hole which will freeze all of the US in a matter of time. Joseph didn’t agree to Malikov’s request but his wife forced him to go with Malikov (How many of us haven’t been in that situation). Joseph and Malikov set out to New York where the wormhole is located but the journey isn’t as easy as they are attacked by the Chimera on their way.
Gameplay is similar to Resistance 1 and 2. If you’re a veteran then you should feel right at home, if you’re a new comer it shouldn’t be hard to learn the control system. There are several weapons in your arsenal to use. In Resistance, you can carry several weapons instead of the basic 2 like other FPS games. Each weapon handles differently and there are plenty of medium range weapons as well as a few short range and 1 long range weapon. Each weapon also has a secondary shot which can deal more damage or deploy a shield. The best short ranged weapon which is also useful as a long range weapon is the magnum with explosive rounds. The right shot can take out several Chimera at once.
The America that Resistance 3 paints is very grim and gives the user a sense that there is no hope for the human race. Coming across an Army of Chimeras along with the technology they use such as the Goliath will leave your eyes wide open and wondering how all this is going to end.  The game strikes a perfect balance of graphics and performance where you can have many enemies on the screen with no lag or interruptions.
There are also a few levels that require stealth. As you are progressing through said levels your heart is pumping hoping not to be spotted by the enemy. In the Mount Pleasant stage you can also sneak up behind the chimera but you have to be careful as there are snipers and an enemy drop ship scouting the area for humans.
The soundtrack to Resistance 3 also gives you that tingle in your spine when you’re sneaking around the chimera. It will play an eerie low tune but will switch to an intense one when you are in a gun fight. The voice acting is also great as you go through the game. You can sense that there is no hope in the voices of the actors for certain scenes in the game. In one scene where Malikov meets his demise you can hear and sense the anger and sadness Joseph goes through. In the back of your mind all you’re thinking about is what’s next if Malikov is dead? This is a game where great story telling matches great voice acting. The sound effects are also great although in a few scenes I wish they were a little bit better.
My only beef with Resistance 3 is that it’s too short. I put in about 6 – 7 hours into the story mode dying several times. On a speed run I think you can beat the game in as little as 3 hours but that’s only if you’re dedicated enough. There are also a lot of trophies to unlock. I managed to unlock 31% of the trophies on my first run, I got like 20 trophies or more so that 31% is only the tip of the iceberg. I do like that Resistance does have Co-Op where you can play online and local. There is also online Multiplayer where you can battle it out with up to 16 players. A lot less than the previous games where I think Resistance 1 handled 32 players and Resistance 2 handled 64. I could be wrong about Resistance 2.
There are several maps for Multiplayer that are scattered around the world. You can play 1 of 5 modes in Multiplayer like: Team Deathmatch, Chain Reaction, Deathmatch, Breach, and Capture the Flag. As you gain points in Multiplayer you can unlock customizable loadouts which can play to your advantage.
Closing Comments:
Resistance 3 is such a great game that is overlooked by in favor of more streamline games. It has a great story, great gameplay and great soundtrack. I do wish that campaign mode was a little bit longer. Right now I’ve seen Resistance 3 retails for $39.99 but I’ve seen it for as little as $29.99 which is a buy in my book as I would like to unlock all trophies. However for the average player I will say that this game is a rent because of the short campaign mode.

GamePlay: 9/10
Story: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10
LifeSpan: 7/10

Total Score: 86/100

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