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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dungeons PC Review

Capture and Torture invaders in your created Dungeons.

Who doesn’t love a great story of deception? You build someone up only to have their dreams come crashing down and in the process you kill them or torture them. This is what Dungeons for the PC is all about. You are a dungeon lord who builds Dungeons and sets them up with treasure, libraries of knowledge and the finest weapons in all the land. This attacks warriors into your dungeon only to have them captured and tortured or killed but does this formula work?
The best way to describe Dungeons is an RTS adventure game. You take the birds’ eye point of view when building your dungeon but when it comes time to capture the intruders you take the role of the Dungeon lord who hacks and captures said intruders and it is up to you to kill them or torture them. As you progress you unlock more items and power ups to attract more uncaring individuals and repeat the process over again. If you love RTS games then you will definitely love Dungeons but one negative is the way everything is set up.
Don’t get me wrong if you take the time to learn the setup it can be fun but the tutorials are very vague at best. When you first start the game, you start out as the Dungeon Lords minion and you must walk around the dungeon in order to deliver some terrifying news. The bad news is that his bad, big breasted, hot girlfriend has cheated on him by opening the gates of his dungeon. The good news is that he got to tap that for a very long time.
The point of the game is to keep your uninvited guests entertained then beating them with a stick. I wish there was a better way to word that but really that’s all you do. There are other minions that help you attack the invaders but depending on what you want to do they will either die in the progress or succeed to continue to collect precious loot until you decide to ruin their parade. Of course if the intruders survive and you let them go uncheck they will find you Dungeon Heart and destroy it ending the game. 
What’s great about Dungeons is that there are plenty of abilities to learn and the way its set up it’s easy to understand once you get up and running. Some of these abilities however have a very long cooling period so you must use them wisely or risk losing health. This can be annoying during boss battles in which they can be tough. 
Graphically the game is very colorful and can easily run off some lower end graphics card. The following are only the minimal requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/ XP SP2
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB
Graphics: 256 MB DirectX 9.0c Graphics card with Shader Model 3.0
Hard Drive: 2 GB free HDD
Sound: Windows-compatible Soundcard

Running the game on a GTX260 practically maxes out all settings and while the game may not be groundbreaking in graphics, it does look decent enough. There’s hardly any soundtrack on the game but the few songs that there are, are catchy. Multi tasking is required to run a media player in the background for your own tunes though.
There’s really nothing much to do after you beat the campaign, which can be completed over the weekend. There’s a custom game mode but you’re practically playing campaign over again. The game is also repetitive which really doesn’t help.  As it stands $40 for this game is over priced and if anything, wait for a price drop if you want to play it. Also know that as of this writing there are apparently some problems with the game such as crashing and corrupts saved data according to a few forums on the web.
Verdict: Wait for a price drop.

There’s really nothing much to say about Dungeons. It’s a decent game at best but it can get repetitive and with no multiplayer, you’ll be done with this game in no time. If you love RTS games it might be worth checking this one out although I still recommend you wait for a price drop.

GamePlay: Very hard to understand concept and very little tutorials will leave you scratching your head although having spent $40 on this game will forcefully make you want to continue. 5/10

Graphics: Graphics are bright and colorful and details are decent but this game can run on a low end computer. 7/10

Sound: Not a huge soundtrack but the voice acting is great. 7/10

Performance: Smooth performance during gameplay although some people are experiencing crashing and corrupt save data on their end. 5/10

Lifespan: Nothing much to after campaign is over and the lack of multiplayer doesn’t help the cause either. 4/10

Total Score: 56/100




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