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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Street Fighter 4 iOS Review

A complete Street Fighter game on the iOS.

Street Fighter 4 has a new update and what better day to write a review about it. Street Fighter 4 has been in the iOS store and if you have not played it now then what are you waiting for. SF follows the same gameplay style of SF 4 for the consoles only with less characters however with the latest updates there have newest additions such as playable characters and customs.
At first Street Fighter 4 started out with only 8 playable characters just like Street Fighter 2. As time went, newer updates were released and each added new characters as well as features. The characters are:  Ryu, Ken, C. Viper, E. Honda, Guile, Chun-Li, Cammy, Sagat, Blanka, Dhalsim, M.Bison, Abel and Dee Jay. Each character has their own unique fighting style and moves. On top of all these characters you are also given the option to chose 1 out of 2 customes for each character.


Anyone can play SF4, however mastering moves is a challenge as doing the same moves will get you knocked out just like any other fighting game. Do a move too many times and your opponent will wise up to your moves he'll practically avoid them. When fighting different opponents you must also strategize as each opponent fights differently and have different attacks. Some fighters had long range and some have short range but can pack a punch when they manage to land their hands on you. Blocking can also backfire as your opponent can do a grab move and slam you to the ground. What's great about SF4 is that you also have the same opportunities as your opponent, all you have to do is be faster. Combo's define the match but quick thinking will determine the winner. 


SF4 would not be what it is today if it wasn't for its virtual pad. The joystick handles great and there are 4  fighting buttons: Kick, Punch, Special and 1 called F which I have no idea what it is and don't use it as much unless I want to get my ass handed to me. Of course the Joypad suffers the same fate as other games in which your thumb blocks your character or your opponent and because it's all touch screen sometimes you think you're jumping forward but in reality you're just jumping straight up. The fighting buttons are also too close to each other and you can sometimes press the wrong button. 


SF4 follows the same graphical style as SF4 for the consoles. It uses the same textures as well as the same levels and the same art style. When you perform you're ultimate combo the camera will do a close up of your character which pauses the game for a few seconds and then perform the combo. Your opponent also has the same freedom so if you are not blocking by the time the close up comes up, you might as well kiss your ass good bye. Environments aren't animated but rather just rendered in the background. 


The sound effects are great for an iOS game. Most of the sound effects from SF4 made it to its mobile counterpart. The music is also great as it features the same style of music SF has always had. There are no voice overs' besides the regular grunts and screams when fighting against opponents. 


There are several modes in SF4 such as Training, Dojo and Tournament. A great addition to SF4 is it's multiplayer feature which is done over Wi-Fi or bluetooth so any friend who has SF4 can join in for a quick match. The only downside is that I have not been able to connect with someone using an iPhone 3G. There is also a special video which is rendered nicely and quite entertaining. You can also save your replays from matches and watch them later on. You can also view your stats on the main menu as well purchase new content which is currently limited to alternate customes for Ryu and Chun-Li and a Street Fighter II BMG. All 3 cost $1 each so if you have $3 to spare you can purchase these. As time goes on hopefully Capcom will add more DLC and with the way the game is headed it seems that they will be supporting Street Fighter 4 for a long time. 


Closing Comments:
Street Fighter 4 for the iOS is one of the most complete fighting games on the App Store and is close to perfection when it comes to a game on the iPhone or iPod Touch. The controls are solid, it performs great on devices with 256mb of ram but for those with devices with less memory be wary as the game can suffer from slowdowns and long loading periods and won't be able to connect to other devices. Graphically the game has excellent characters models, animations and textures and all that's missing is an animated environment. Street Fighter 4 may not have competition on the App Store but Capcom did not take the lazy route and instead delivered a complete Street Fighter experience.


GamePlay: Smooth gameplay with rock solid controllers. Easy to pick up and play but requires quick thinking if you are to win matches: 10/10

Graphics: Great animations and textures but it lacks animated environments. 8/10

Sound: Great sountrack and sound effects. No small detail is missed. 10/10

Performance: Great Performance on iOS devices with 256mb of memory but those with 128mb of ram will suffer. 7/10

LifeSpan: Single Player only lasts about 40 mins to an hour but multiplayer is a great addition. 9/10
Total Score: 88/100
















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