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Monday, September 12, 2011

Fighting Fantasy Talisman of Death PSN Review

So Much Reading...............*_*

Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death is a game based on the text version of Dungeons and Dragons. For those who enjoy those types of games, they will feel right at home but for the rest of us it can get confusing and if we don’t keep track of our stats all our effort will have gone to waste.

When you first start the game you will get to choose your character and what characteristics they will have. From then on it’s all about reading so if you hate reading in a game, turn back now. The game is just like dungeons and dragons in which you must read then decide what you will do next. After making your decision, you are told to turn to the instructed page of your decision. Unlike D&D though there is no cheating like turning the page to see what awaits and then going back and choosing a different path.

When entering battle you will enter one of two battle systems depending on your choice. One is a regular dice game in which the higher roller will deal 2XP damage to the losing party. The other is a memory recall game in which you must avoid the skulls or die and return to the beginning of the game.

The story is all based on your choices that you make throughout the game. Every time you play, you will choose a different path because there are so many to choose from you will forget which path takes you where or does what. The story is deep and comical at times and does require a lot of imagination just like Dungeons and Dragons. The problem is that not many players will find it pleasant to read.

Closing Comments:
Fighting Fantasy is a unique game which will appeal to a certain crowd. It’s a deep game that requires a lot of imagination and reading but for graphic whores like myself, it’s a game that I won’t be checking out anytime soon. If you are into D&D then this game is just for you.

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