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Friday, December 17, 2010

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit iOS Review

The title should tell you everything this game is about.

The third Need for Speed game on the iOS, Hot Pursuit is what the name implies. A game where you assume the role of a patrol unit and take down speeders as well take other challenges such as time trial and racing against other patrol units.
Just like the console version of Hot Pursuit you go from area to area or tiers and complete the challenges. Depending on the challenges they consist of taking down speeders in a limited amount of time but are also given goals to complete for that time and earn money to purchase new cars. You can achieve a total of 3 stars total for each level to unlock the maximum amount of cash. There are 6 events per tier for a total of 24 events across 4 tiers. You can also go one on one via local Wi-Fi with a friend.
As you proceed you will get bounty which will increase your level from Rookie Cop to Professional. You will get the chance to unlock cars along the way or purchase them as you earn money. You can also use weapons against speeders or your own Cop opponents such as a Spike Strip, Road Block and EMP.
Hot Pursuit tries to bring in the same gameplay style as the console version but at times it does not work with the game. When you crash a speeder the camera will switch to far view where you can see the crash in a dramatic event but it doesn't give you the same feeling as it would with the console version and it feels unnecessary. Also Road Blocks don't really work as well as they should as 70% of the time your opponent will just smash through the middle which is the weakest link on the block with only 2 Cop cars blocking the left and right lane. If anything if you are going too fast you will slam into your own men and slow you down making it difficult to catch up. Traffic also gets in your way and its really annoying when you slam against a car head on and the car backs up for a few meters slowing you down until it moves out of the way.
The game doesn't challenge the player rather it makes the opponent cars follow a certain path as it is difficult for you challengers to smash into other cars or make mistakes. The game punishes you if you make a single mistake most of the time it's always best to restart the race rather than continue a losing battle. Controllers are also a pain as it forces you to use the device's accelerometer and it doesn't give you an option to use touch screen controllers. The only touch screen control you have is the brake and gas pedal.
Graphically the game looks great. The cars are highly detailed and the environments are amazing. There are several layers in some levels which make the mountain area seem like it has its own dimension. The game also runs smoothly and there is hardly any lag on the performance.
The Sound effects are also great although it is annoying to hear the Police sirens which remain on all the time and up to my knowledge cannot be turned off. The sirens also remain on when racing against 4 opponents for the number 1 spot which I think it's useless since you are not chasing anyone. The car's engines sound great and each car has their own unique sound.
With only 24 races and 15 cars you will be done with Hot Pursuit in 1.5 hours which isn't bad. There is local multiplayer but only against 1 more player. I do hope that there are future updates which adds more tracks and cars to the list as well as multiplayer with up to 4 players.

Closing Comments:
Hot Pursuit is a great game but it is brought down by a basic function which many racing games have used and that is an AI which is programmed to make no mistakes. The game is difficult at time but not challenging and with only 24 tracks and 15 cars it is a short game. As of this writing the game is $1 at the App store which is a BUY in my book if you have $1 to spend but for its regular price of  $7 I would say avoid this game until it's on sale. 

GamePlay: A Great NFS experience but the AI needs to be worked on and they need to add atouch screen controller. 5/10
Graphics: Beautifully detailed cars and environments. 9/10
Sound: The sirens may be annoying but that aside this game has great sound effects: 7/10
Performance: Game performs great with hardly any lag. 8/10
LifeSpan: Only 24 tracks and 15 cars, you get through this game quickly in 1 or 2 runs at the most. 6/10
Total Score: 68/100

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