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Monday, September 12, 2011

OMG-Z PSN Mini Review

Zombies have take over the city, and its up to you to run away.

OMG-Z which I’m pretty sure stands for Oh My God – Zombies, is a Zombie shooting game that is unlike any other Zombie game out there that I know of. Instead of roaming around the city, trying to find your way out you are stranded to just one section of the level and with the limited amount of bullets you must take out as many zombies as possible.

You take the role of the last surviving cop in the entire city; possibly the last survivor. You must make your way through the city to find a chopper that will take you to safety, away from all those flesh eating zombies.

At first you are only given 3 bullets with the option to upgrade later on as you score points. You have to shoot the right zombie to cause a chain reaction that will take out other zombies as well. Some zombies spit out acid when shot, others will explode and if they have a weapon they will fire the weapon at other zombies. There will also be exploding barrels placed on certain areas of the map. The best way to score the highest score is to take out the exploding barrel when a huge amount of zombies are close to it.

The upgrades are almost a necessity. As you proceed through the game Zombies will have higher HP and will require more than one bullet to be killed. Other upgrades include adding more barrels and more zombies into the mix.

The way the game is set up, you have to go through the bad ending before you get to the good ending. As you are tallied your score, you will either go up the latter or go down. Going down is the way you want to go if you want the good ending. There is a lot of repetition to the game. Going down a different path doesn’t necessarily mean it you will get different levels. If anything they are all the same with the ending being different depending on the path you take.

Closing Comments:

OMG-Z is a fun PlayStation Mini but gets very repetitive. After finishing the main story which doesn’t last for more than 30 minutes all you have left to do is beat your own score. But for $2.99 it’s not a bad deal.

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