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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toradora Vol 2 Review.

The closing conclusion of the love story between Ryuji and Taiga.

The continuation to Vol1 of Toradora Vol. 2 brings the last 12 episodes home. Vol. 2 is similar to Vol. 1 . It comes with the spoiler book which I still recommend that you read after you've watched the entire anime series. The book includes Interviews with the actors as well as art from the cast and inside look at episodes. It still doesn't beat the old DVD features being added to the DVD. With the latest addition of Vol 2 Toradora! comes to a close but is it as great as the first 12 Episodes?

The answer is Yes and No. Throughout the first 5 episodes the story seems to drag on and you wonder to yourself if the show will ever end. While all episodes have comedy and drama it seems to be the same old as the first 13 episodes. However that doesn't mean that the story doesn't move forward. Throughout the episodes Ryuji and Taiga start to realize their feeling for each other and do not wish to be with whoever they normally set out to be with. However once it reaches to episode 19 things start getting a little interesting.

Episode 19 takes place at a Christmas party where both Ryuji and Taiga attend to. Taiga leaves the party early and manages to convince Minori to show up to the dance because Ryuji had told her that he was going to wait for her all night if he had too. However once Taiga leaves Ryuji's plan chance and Ryuji decides to do something for Taiga that makes her really happy. Ryuji trades his fancy suit and feelings for Minori for a Teddy Bear Santa Clause custom and arrives at Taiga's apartment. Taiga gets very happy and they seem to have a tender moment but in the end she sends Ryuji back because Minori is going to show up at the dance. After Taiga sends Ryuji back she breaks down and cries in the middle of the street because she figures out that once Ryuji gets with Minori, she won't get a chance to spend time with him anymore.

Tensions keep growing as time goes on for Minori, Ami, Taiga, and Ryuji. Minori and Ami both have strong feelings for Ryuji but both know that there can never be anything between them because they both see Ryuji's feelings for Taiga. However after everything is said everything settles, Ryuji and Taiga finally  tell their feelings to each other but in the end Taiga decides to go back to her mother's because she does not want to go leave with all her problems and decides to reconcile her relationship with her mother. 

Throughout the entire episode Taiga leaves and doesn't come back until the very end of the episode. A year later during their graduation Ryuji sees Taiga on their classroom and runs towards her. However she decides to hide in the locker where everything started and wanted to surprise Ryuji but fails. Ryuji finally tells Taiga that he loves her but Taiga gets angry because she believes that it should have been done more romantically.

Closing Comments:
Toradora! is a very interesting and unique anime. It's hard not to get into and the story is just great. While it may not feature Demon's or crime it does have a great love story that should be watched with your significant other or by yourself if you love anime. While the first 5 episodes drag on a bit the last 7 episodes have a lot of heart and bring the story to a close. There are more events on the first 13 episodes but the last 7 episodes is what make the anime. All in all Toradora! is a great anime and is definitely worth adding to your collection and no matter how many times you watch it you will always enjoy the story.

Toradora! Vol 2 Score:

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