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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pandora Hearts Vol2 Review

 Man, I've been counting down the days for this release.


Pandora Hearts Vol 2 has finally been released after waiting for months. Last we left off we saw Gil facing a man who looks like Oz and Oz was getting beaten by a Cheshire Cat while trying to find Alice. In the first of Vol2 or better known as episode 14 we are introduced Jack and a bit of Alice's past and who the Cheshire Cat really is and his relationship to Xerxes  AKA The Mad Hatter. This is the last Vol of the 2 Vol Series which closes the chapter on Oz's Story.


PH Vol2 comes in the same style as other NIS America Anime's which includes 2 DVD's, Art Book and a Cover that seats both DVD's and the Art Book. The Art book contains Episode information, High Resolution images from the Anime and the continuation of Gilbert in Wonderland. 


Like stated before Vol2 ties all the loose ends of Alice and Oz. Gilbert also plays a major role in the following episodes along with his bother Vincent Both of Whom played a giant role 100 years ago along with Jack who resembles Oz in the tragedy of Sabrie. Jack explains everything to Gilbert before Oz, witnessing the murder of Alice destroys Cheshire's dimension. While the dimension is being destroyed Cheshire explains to Alice who he is and why he stayed to the very end to protect her memory. Oz, Gil and Alice both escape along with Jack's soul which guides Oz in the following episodes. 


There are a few feel good episodes in which the cast which will make you laugh and of course feel good about yourself when watching. There's an event where Oz finally gets to see his sister but instead of acting like normal people Oz, Oz's Uncle and Gil all sneak into the school where Oz's sister Ada is attending. They of course get caught and later on find out that Ada is in Love with Gil and of course like normal people Oz and Oscar (Oz's uncle) Just want to talk to Gil. You also get to find out the story of Break and his sister and why he care's so much about her. In the beginning Break seems like a deceiver but in Vol2 he really seems to care about Oz and his friends.


My only complaint is the last episode of the series which kind of leaves the story open. Practically a cliffhanger ending. They never really explain what happens to Oz's dad or if he plans to go after Oz. They just leave it off at that keeping you wondering if they are going to continue the story but so far nothing has been announced and I don't think nothing will ever be announced. I was shaking my computer screen when they just left off like that.


Closing Comments:
Yes it is a short review but I think my expressions speak for themselves. Pandora Hearts is a great anime despite a slow start in the beginning. It has may themes based on Alice in Wonderland and so many memorable moments. They tell an entire story in just 25 episodes but leaves off in a cliff hanger ending. Soprano's like if you will. I didn't explain much because I do not want to ruin anything for anyone. If you loved Vol1 then you will want to pick up Vol2 to finish off the story. It's a great collection and a great anime. 

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