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Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Home's Fox Deity Anime Review

The latest DVD home video released from NIS America from a popular manga in Japan, Our Home's Fox Deity brings viewers into the Takagami Family whose being plagued by Demon's but living life seems to be more difficult for the family than dealing with Demon's.


The story begins with 2 brothers Toru and Noboru visiting their uncle who informed them their grandmother had recently died. However they're in for a surprise when they see her alive and annoying. She informs them that Toru is being targeted by Yokai which translates to Demon in Japanese and if given the chance they will kill him. In the Anime, If someone gives their name to the demon, it grants the demon permission to enter their safe zone and could practically kill them. 

Toru's grandmother introduces them to a Fox Deity named Kugen Tenko, who is the guardian of the Mizuchi family but is disliked because she has caused problems for them in the past. She doesn't want to take the job but because they are the children of Miyako who Kugen had a close relationship to. That night she protects Toru but explains that she must leave because her duties are done protecting the family and only the head of the family which is now Noboru can wish her away or ask her to protect the family. He offers her a job and Kugen happily accepts and moves into the Takagami household. 


They are joined by Ko who is assigned by the boys' grandmother to keep an eye on Kugen to make sure she doesn't get out of line but the events that unfold prove more challenging than any demon they could ever face.


Throughout the 12 episodes the family has to deal with life which makes for a lot of comic relief. Kugen and Ko try to help the household by trying to hold jobs or do house chores which always end up backfiring as Ko is always breaking dishes. Kugen uses her female charm to flirt with males to get what she wants and uses her male charisma to seduce women to also get what he wants. Yes Kugen can change from female to male and vice versa as she pleases and has enough energy to do so. 


Watching Kugen is comical as she doesn't know much about the outside world and when in her Fox form acts more like a house pet than a Deity. Throughout the series they also meet other God's who are in charge of other towns and cause Kugen trouble. You meet the god of the town ,Ebisu who is also a shop keeper and owner who seems like a nice guy but appears to have an agenda of his own and out of nowhere decides to attack Kugen only to have the city pay for the damages done to his shrine during the fight and drive business to his store. Another even is when Kugen does something that is forbidden by Ebisu and instead of paying a steep price all he asks for is Kugens' hair, who ends up cutting it and hands it over as she runs out of energy to fight. Ebisu takes the hair and leaves running. He uses the hair to make talisman to sell at his store and make money off of it. 


Each and every character is unique to the show, the Toru's and Noboru's father whose wife passed away, practically accepts the fact that a Deity is living in the house. Noboru has always been the responsible one who worries about the house budget and going into bankruptcy. Ko keeps breaking plates and ruining the laundry and brings all that to her different jobs that she holds which end up firing her in the end. Miyako, the boys' mother, who died is seen through a few episodes as a flashback and makes an appearance in one episode is shown as a kind person who loved every single living creature and would hug them if they were cute and fluffy. Overall the Anime is a must see as it is hilarious and heart worming more than horror or fighting although it does have its fair share of fighting. 


Now for my biggest complaint. Just like other Anime's released by NIS America the box set comes with 2 DVD's and an Art book. The art book included has character and episode information and some Art which isn't a lot compared to other releases. One negative for the box set when it's first released was its price point. When first release the Our Home's Fox Deity was $59.99, however it has been lowered to $47.99 which seems like a more reasonable price point. I wish they would include some sort of soundtrack or something because some of the music from some Animes are really great to listen to. 


Closing Comments:
Our Home's Fox Deity is an awesome comedy Anime that will have anyone laughing. While it does paint the picture of being a story about Demon's, I think the direction they have taken is great as it reaches a bigger audience. The art book included in this edition is not really on par with other Animes released by NIS America but Our Home's Fox Deity is a great Anime that you will want to keep watching over and over again for years to come. 

4 5 Stars







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