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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Persona Trinity Soul Vol2 Review

The conclusion the Persona Trinity Soul series, Vol2 closes many doors that were left open in Vol1.

Persona Vol2 takes off where Vol1 left off with the remaining 13 episodes spanning on 2 discs. Let me start off by refreshing your memory of what happened in Vol1 and a bit of a back story as to how all of this has taken place. Trinity Soul takes place 10 years after the event's of Persona 3. After a national disaster where Shin, Jun, Yuki and Ryo's parents both died and is later followed by Yuki's death, Ryo decides to leave Shin and Jun. The Shin and Jun later move back in with Ryo and for reasons explained in Vol2, Ryo isn't too happy about that. He ignores his siblings as he tries to solve the deaths of a few people who have gotten their Persona ripped out of them.

Vol2 takes off after the events of Vol2 with Shin heading to the police station to find out what had happened to Ryo and Eiko. However to his disappointment not even Ryo's former partners know what had happened and are confused themselves. Later on an Unknown Persona goes berserk around the city because the person the Persona belonged to could suppress it in time. It starts to steal the life force of nearby people before a beam of light kills him. Shin being in the area spots where the beam came from and to his disbelief sees Ryo.

In later episodes we meet Ayane who forms a bond with Jun after being shot by Sotaro's Persona. Throughout the episodes we also learn the background of some of the main characters. We learn about Megumi's brother who was killed when her Persona was activated. We also learn about Takaru's father who is a victim of the Apathy syndrome. 

While you're watching all these episodes you do tend to get bored. Things don't really start to get interesting until later on when it's already too late when the last episode finishes. The viewer isn't really told about the events 10 years ago until episode 24 where it Shin first uses his Persona and how their parents including Yuki died.

I don't want to give too much away but I will say that if you're waiting for something to happen might as well skip to the last episode and even then nothing will happen until the last 15 minutes. It seems that Trinity Souls is focused more on explaining the events rather than showing any action which is fine for some people but will turn others away. While watching Trinity Souls I found myself getting confused as to what is going on and didn't figure it out until an action sequence was shown. Battles only last a couple of minutes and then it's back to the same boring dialog. If I'm going to go back and watch an Anime I've already seen, its because I enjoyed the Anime that it deserves to be watched a second time. I don't want to go back to the Anime just because I didn't understand what was going on.

I will give Trinity Souls this though. They had some pretty good animation and character modeling. You can truly see a characters emotions as the story continues. The picture also looks clean when watching on an HDTV and it upscales' perfectly.  

I also loved the art work found in the book and the DVD's. The book will give a short preview of the episodes found in Vol2 along with a few poems and some beautiful art work. You can also find art based on the characters and a short description about who they were and what persona they used. It also gives you a tour around Ayanagi City as well as some comics based on the episodes and creator interviews. I do have to say that they did do a good job of packing Persona Trinity Souls and the art on the DVD's are just spectacular.

Closing Comments:
While the packing is nice and can be at display at your house or apartment, Persona Trinity Soul does fall short when it comes to action. They try to explain so much that in the end it just ends up confusing their audience. The battles are short and not everyone uses their Persona as much. If you purchased Vol1 then Vol2 will complete your collection but if you didn't enjoy Vol1 don't expect Vol2 to be any better.

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