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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Home's Fox Deity Vol2 Review.

The last volume of this 2 volume series.

It's been a few months but finally Our Home's Fox Deity Vol2 has been released on DVD. Our Home's Fox Deity is abut a Fox deity or goddess who has been guarding the Takagami family for generations but has been sealed for playing pranks on people. She is then released by Toru and Noboru, Sons of the last princess of the Mizuchi family, Miyako, but only under the condition that she must protect them at all times with the Mizuchi's family helper, Ko. In Vol1 we see the relationship develop between the Takagami brothers and Kugen as well as Ko. Vol2 continues this relationship but it may not be as enjoyable as the first 12 episodes in Vol1.
If you have purchased other NIS anime titles you will know that they come with 2DVD's and an Art Book. The art book has episode guides as well as wallpapers. But for this release NIS America decided to release a Bonus feature DVD which contains the launch events of Our Home's Fox Deity DVD in a few select areas in Japan. These are followed by a Q&A of the actors and actresses in several locations who talk about the DVD. This is a nice addition and I do wish NIS America would include more of these interviews or making of videos.
While the extras DVD is a plus in my book, I will have to say that I do not like the Box Cover at all. Vol1 was in an all white cover but Vol2 is in a pink cover which sort of stands out from my collection. The image is also in low quality making it seem as an old DVD anime from the 1980. NIS America has promised to reprint the DVD covers with a better image but that should take a months time to complete. That was 2 weeks ago so for those waiting you have to wait another 2 weeks as of the writing of this review. Even with the new DVD covers, I still don't like the choice of color for it and it kind of makes me want to put the collection in a dark corner where no one can see it or ask questions about it.
From Vol1 you will see that this is not an anime that will take one plot to tell but actually tells the story in several plots while following the every day life of Toru and Noboru. In Vol2 Toru does not get into as much trouble as he did in Vol1 where every single demon was out to eat him, but he does get kidnapped and attacked. Episode 13 is a filler episode where we meet someone who was really close to Kugen in the past. We also meet a female student who goes up to the stage and starts singing with Noboru showing interest. Episodes 14 – 18, Toru receives a box addressed to him and opens it to find a girl inside who is a Shiro who has been sealed away. The Shiro belogned to the Oni clan and have concluded that Kugen stole her and ask her to return it. Toru and Kugen decide to give her back seeing as the Shiro did belong to them in the beginning.
In the following episodes the Oni decide to release the Shiro only to have her turn on them. The shiro leaves to find Toru. The Oni once again start looking for her only this time they hire a soul eater to help them track her down and defend them against anything or anyone that stands in their way. Shiro fights the soul eater only to be badly injured and the only way to rescue her is to seal her away once again. Toru agrees to this and the Shiro is sealed. The Oni also learn that sending the Shiro to Toru's house didn't happen by chance and that one of their members had done it intentionally.
While all this chaos is going on we also see a sub-plot between Sakura and Noboru with Sakura trying to impress Noboru in every turn. Sakura is then aproached by Momiji and asks about Noboru. Sakura then gets jealous but does not want to admit her feelings for Noboru. While this is going on there is a werewolf attack in the town with rumors spreading about a few students who have been bit and turned into werewolves themselves. Noboru is then attacked by a werewolf only to be saved by a hypnotized Sakura. Noboru is then invited to a party at Momiji's penthouse only to be captured by werewolves. Kugen comes to Noboru's rescue and cures all the wolves from the disease and returns them to normal.
The series does end on a sour note. Not that anything was left out but nothing else was really explained after that. They don't explain what becomes of the relationship between Sakura and Nobory and they don't really explain the origins of Kugen's Sister/Brother. I wish the creators would have taken one episode to describe the origins of Kugen and her Sister but sadly they didn't.

Verdict: Rent, Borrow.

There you have it the Vol2 which closes the chapter for Our Home's Fox Deity. Not a bad anime but I wish they would take the time to explain more towards the end. The episodes felt a bit dragged and the side adventures that Kugen had weren't at all interesting. It does provide a few laughs here and there but the story is a poorly constructed. Not the best Vol but it still worth it to check out if at best borrow it from a friend who owns it.




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