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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Strip Poker Supreme Pack #10 Review

In this game, the women don't just bet money.

I've always known that there were games for mature audiences, but I never really found them. That's because I've never looked for them. I know that a few years ago probably in 2008 Jenna Jameson released a PC game where you can do whatever you want to the women. Strip Poker Supreme is not the same as that as it uses real live footage of women actually getting undress and dancing for you but you of course have to beat them in a Poker Tournament. However this isn't a game where you go off (no pun intended) against 6 opponents but instead the stripper is your opponent.
Strip Poker Supreme is not a game that you can go to your local game store and purchase it. You can either purchase it online or order a DVD copy of the game. It is an expensive game though but hey so are strippers if you've been to a strip club. If you do purchase the game you will then be taken to the download menu but not after running around in circles for more than a few hours. When you purchase the game you will be provided with a users name and a password which you will have to use to activate the product online. You can do both online and offline activations but the offline still requires that you go online and enter the code on the developers website making offline activation pointless. Activation can take anywhere from 10 mins to 24 hours. Once activated you can then download from 5 female opponents and play against them in a strip poker tournament.
When playing the game it took me a while to figure out what the hell I was doing as the interface is not user friendly. Either that or I was way too distracted by the half naked woman on my screen I forget which. The point of the game is to lower your stripper companions cash count to a point where she starts bidding her clothes away. There are several rounds in the game depending on how what your female opponent is wearing. I felt ripped off when one of them bid off her stockings making this game one round longer then it should really be. Each round your female opponent gets $400 but to speed things up you can still continue betting even past the $400 leaving her with a negative number which will be deducted for the next round. Every time she loses a round a short video will play of her taking off the item she put up. This will continue until she has no more clothes left and the game will start all over again.
As a player, you are also punished if she wins rounds. For each round she wins meaning she collected more than $400, she will put on a piece of her clothes. If you run out of money the game will end and you will have to start over.
The Poker part of the game is just that. A poker game. You don't really have to be skilled at Poker to play these types of games but it does help to know what you have so you can bid high or bid low. You are given 5 cards and you must select which cards you want to return to the table to draw more cards. The computer will do this automatically but you can always opt out for a different hand than what the computer gives you.
When you get 5 cards you can choose to bid before and after the draw. A lot of times you will get a good hand and if you want to see the stripper take off he clothes, bid as high as you can and as much as you can. Besides that there's really nothing else to the game.
The game is really short. There are 5 women but depending on you poker skills, you can get through all of them in a matter of 2 hours tops and even then you're taking too long. I will say though that this is not a game where you want to spend your sweet time deciding what hand to play. The really annoying part about this game though is that at the end of the game, the opening FMV will play again and you cannot skip it unless you close the window.

Verdict: Play the Demo

This game is more for an afternoon play or to play when you have your friends come over for a guys night out but then again why not just go to a strip club. I will say that the women are decently hot and at times it is challenging. If you have a few extra bucks to spare and have a few laughs then buy this game. There is a demo available which features one of the 5 women in the pack if you want to try it out which I would recommend you do if you plan on purchasing this game.




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