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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Young Thor PS3/PSP Mini Review.

 It's not a mini review, it's a normal review of a PS3/PSP game....... Just read the review.

Young Thor takes you on a quest through the land of Midgar to save the towns people from certain disaster and pending doom. Now let me explain why the doom is pending (no pun intended). Pending of course means waiting for something to happen and doom of course means disaster. The reason for pending doom is because you will want to take your time to finish this game and not for all the good reasons.
Young Thor is available for the PSP and PS3 for only $4.99. The first thing you notice about Young Thor is the file is only 54MB. Now a 3D game this small must have its draw backs. Well let me tell you Young Thor has all of that and more.
Young Thor is more of a PSP game than PS3 because when played on a PS3 you'd think you have gone back in time to the days of the Nintendo 64 but even then that's giving this game too much credit. There are a total of 5 levels, 6 if you count the final fight. Technically it is 5 levels but those levels are scattered as different missions or chapters. Each level has its own difficulty setting and that is accomplished by making the enemies stronger than the previous enemies on previous levels.

Young Thor is an RPG whose gameplay is very linear. You have to play the same lower levels many times until you are strong enough to move on to the next level and defeat the stronger opponents. As you progress you will collect items to help you in your quest although these items can be easily forgotten and are most of the times not needed as the main point of the game is just to level up your character. Because the game is very repetitive you won't even care if you make it half way through the game. Defeating the enemies is very simple as you can easily just jump over some of the or even shoot them down with your lightning strike.

Young Thor is meant to be a PSP game because the graphics look absolutely horrible on the PS3. It looks horrible on 1080p and it looks horrible on 720p. The game looks blurry and the effects of the game are very generic. The story book style story telling is also just plain as characters don't really talk. The animations are also very plain as the character have limited movement and can only do so much.

Like stated before there are so many things wrong with Young Thor. Thor will constantly clip through objects and his power will not work sometimes if enemies are too close. AI is very slow and dimwitted and can easily be defeated. Levels are repetitive and so is gameplay. Story is boring and you will want to skip it most of; if not all the time. There is little to no replay value as there is really nothing extra to do once the game is finished, if you manage to finish it. It seems Young Thor is aimed at a younger audience but I don't think they'll truly enjoy the game either.

Young Thor could have worked out great if it was a 2D game with more features than a 3D game with almost nothing to show for it. Young Thor looks rushed as it is plagued with bugs but nothing big that can stop progression. For a PSP game it's almost decent if not horrible but for a PS3 game you'll definitely want to gauge your eyes out if not throw yourself out the window. The game is a few hours long but gameplay is so horrible you won't want to finish the game at all. There is no Trophy support for the PS3 but you can unlock achievements in game. But for those of you wanting to get easy trophies you might want to move along. Young Thor is not a game you want to play or give to someone even if it's for revenge for something they did in the past. There is definitely potential for Young Thor but at this time it's just going to have to sit on my Do Not Play EVER list.
Graphics: 5/10
Performance: 5/10
Sound: 5/10
Gameplay: 4/10
Life Span: 5/10
Total Score: 48/100

-Donny De Leon

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