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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Capcom Arcade iOS Review

Play your favorite classics in this arcade release from Capcom.


Capcom arcade is a collection of classic Arcade games from back in the day. There are such classics as Street Fighter 2, 1942, Ghost and Goblins and Commando. Each game offers its own unique gameplay style and despite being on the iOS, nothing has changed in the form of gameplay besides the controls which are now touch based. 


The App is based on a limited play time but if you want more then you should pay. You are given 3 coins every day to play any of the 4 arcade machines. You must use those coins that day as they do not carry over to the next day. If 3 coins are not enough for you, you can also purchase 10 coins for $1 bringing the total to 10 cents a game. Just like the arcade you must pay every time you lose all your lives or in the case of Street Fighter 2 once you lose the match which is set up of 2 rounds.


The App is free to download and is ad supported but the adds don't really get in the way as they are small banners on the top left corner. For 3 plays a day that seems like a pretty good deal since most players won't even play as much, but it's always nice to have the option to purchase more play's until you realized that you have spent over $500 over the course.


Graphically all games retain their classic look. There is really nothing much to say as you have probably played these games before and if you haven't then you're missing on some great games. The only game that sometimes has slowdowns is Street Fighter 2 but those are often rare and it is only affected when you have other APPs open with multitasking or if you have a previous generation device with only 128mb of memory. 


The controls are amazing. Each game has their own unique controller. If you've played Street Fighter 4 for the iOS, Street FIghter 2 retains the same controller configuration. There are times when you accidently press the wrong buttons and if an opponent is too far to the left  then it will be hard to see as your thumb will be blocking him and their movements. 1942 uses a touch method with automatic shooting, Ghost and Goblins uses the original NES D-Pad style and Commando uses a D-Pad with automatic shooting and grenades. 


Closing Comments:
Capcom Classic Arcade offers 4 titles with more coming soon with 3 free plays a day and the option to purchase more plays for only $1. It is a free game and it's definitely worth downloading as they do offer the 3 free plays option. All Classic titles retain their original look and sound and even for Street Fighter 2 the game is more than worth the download. There is no multiplayer option and I hope Capcom adds this feature soon but in the mean time playing by yourself isn't as bad as it seems. There is also Art which can be unlocked and viewed in the counter menu from all games. Capcom Arcade is definitely a must if you have an iOS device.

GamePlay: Classic gameplay from 4 of Capcom's past. Street Fighter 2 alone is worth the download. 10/10

Sound: All games retain their classic sound and music with clarity. 9/10

Graphics: Commando and 1942 have aged but their style of gameplay match the titles feel. Ghost and Goblins and Street Fighter 2 are still perfect even today. 9/10

Performance: All games perform flawlessly  except for Street Fighter 2 which has a framerate drops every now and then. 8/10

LifeSpan: 3 Free plays sometimes isn't enough but you always have the option to purchase more plays for only $1. All Arcade titles are complete and could bring hours of gameplay assuming you don't get defeated or die instantly. 8/10

Total Score: 88/100




















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