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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Borderlands: Claptraps New Robot Revolution Review

Borderlands is one of those games where they offer their sequels through DLC content instead of being part of a new game. Claptraps new robot revolution is just that. If you played through Borderlands you will know what happened to the little robot named Claptrap and if you didn't then prepare for some spoilers because this is the direct sequel to that event which turned Claptrap into an Interplanitary Ninja Assassin.

Claptraps New Robot Revolution is the continuation of what happened to Claptrap after he was reprogrammed. After seeing how other Claptraps were being treated Claptrap decided to rise up against those who mistreated other Claptraps by fighting back against those who have wronged them. Other Claptraps as well as bandits, Skags, Raks, etc. have joined them. Whether it's against their will it's up to you to find out by playing the game. What I will tell you is that other characters that have been in previous DLC installments as well as in the normal game are in the game. 

With the DLC there are new areas to explore as well as new missions and the ability to level up your character to level 69. This isn't by coincidence as it is sort of a sexual pun joke for Duke Nukem as gearbox is working on the title . However just because you can now level up to level 69 getting there isn't as easy as you would think. 

Just like other DLC's the gameplay remains the same in Borderlands. You accept missions from various people within game as well as the bounty board located within the city. The missions progress the story however one particular mission can be completed by progressing through the story as you have to collect parts destroyed claptraps drop. 

Like stated before there are some new characters and some old characters making an appearance. However some of this characters are plagued with the same bugs that plagued the original Borderlands like bad lip syncing. Characters may talk but their lips would not move or their lips will move but they won't talk. Another but is there are a few Claptraps that will appear as T shaped and will just glide through the game. These bugs don't really affect gameplay and if you don't really care about it, it shouldn't really affect the outcome of the game. 

This DLC can be played solo or with friends via co-op mode and can be played at any level your character is at. But for those of you that go in before beating the game there are many spoilers in the DLC to ruin the ending for you so it's best to wait until the game is beaten before jumping into this DLC. 

The best way to get around Pandora is with the use of vehicles. Man will you miss those as there are no vehicles in the new land. The only way around is by foot but it nothing is really far from anywhere. You will make it to your destination after a 10 minute or more walk but throughout those walks killing enemies will keep you more than entertained. Not so fun when you just want to get through as fast as possible just to beat the story.

Closing Comments:
Besides the new missions and story this is the same borderlands game. The DLC will bring you about 6 to 10 hours of gameplay depending on how you play and how fast you want to beat the game. It definitely a good sequel that explains what happened to that fun little robot and if you love Borderlands this DLC will bring new life to an old game and for $10 this is definitely a great add-on.
Story: 8/10

Gameplay: 8/10

LifeSpan: 10/10

Total Score: 26/30

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