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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 iOS Review

A Mortal Kombat game finally hits the App Store but don't rush out and buy it just yet.


Mortal Kombat has made it to the App store and let me say this is one of the worst games available on the App Store. The game doesn't feel like it used to back in the SNES and Sega days even though the title is Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 which was available on PlayStation, SNES and Sega. The short version of this review is skip this game but if you want to know the reason keep on reading.


Because this game is pure garbage I'm going to keep the review short. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is as the name implies but it is not a port of the game from the good old days it is more of a horrible remake. The game uses 3D character models instead of real live person sprites and has a total of 12 playable characters compared to the original 20+ from the console version. That should be more than enough information to not buy the game. 


At its core it is a Mortal Kombat game and it features the same moves found in every 2D MK Game with Fatalities, Friendships, Animalities, Etc. However there are many differences between the 2 which separates them both. Fatalities can now be executed by pressing the D-Pad a certain direction and pressing the Special button which will perform the move easily. 


All characters feel the same when controlling them and besides their special moves it seems that the Developers used the same character model for all of them and just replaced the textures. This isn't a good thing as using such characters will feel awkward and boring as there is no variety and the controllers won't help at all. 


The game features a Joystick and 5 buttons such as Punch, Kick, Block, Special and I do not know what the hell R is for. Pressing any button combination is a guaranteed combo and special move it takes away from the challenge that MK brought to gamers from back in the day. The Joypad is such a pain to use and feel stiff you will constantly find yourself looking over your shoulder to make sure you pressed the Joystick the right direction. 


The background and levels look nice and it's what an MK game should be but the character models don't move the way they should and look awkward while performing a simple kick. The textures are laughable and the loading takes too long for what the game has to offer. 


When you start out the game you will have 9 character but can unlock a few more but that's only if you have the mentality to continue playing this game. There are also Leaderboards in which you can check yourself against the rest of the world as well as in game achievements and Character Bio's. There is also Local Multiplayer in which you can challenge you friends as well as Survival and Shao Karnage in which you can see yourself getting your Ass kicked becuase Shao Kang is such a hard bastard to defeat.


Depending on your Skill level you can beat Arcade Mode in about an Hour which is way too long to be playing this game. You can challenge friends to matches but will probably get laughed at because you bought this game. You can also unlock all achievements if you're brave enough to take on that challenge.


Closing Comments:
As soon as I started playing this game a part of my childhood died. UMK is a horrible port or re-imagining of a great game. For $7 I say you skip this game and even if it's for only $1 I still say skip this game. Graphics are horrible, sound track is annoying and character models look awkward. This game is just horrible beyond words.

GamePlay: Ummm No. 2/10

Graphics: Nice background but character textures are horrible. 4/10

Sound: Original Sound effects but the sound track is horrible. 5/10

Performance: Character Animations is garbage and at times the game will stutter. 4/10

LifeSpan: Only 13 characters? Really? 2/10

Total Score: 38/100












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