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Friday, December 31, 2010

Prinny 2 PSP Review

Enter the Prinnies, DooD.
Prinny2 Cover

There's a reason why this game is called Dawn of Operation Panties or Dood which is a word used by all the Prinnies. The Demon Lords panties have been stolen and it's up to the Prinnies to recover them by collecting rare items in the underworld and luring the thief into a trap. Prinny 2 DooD is a platformer which shouldn't be taken lightly and is by far one of the most difficult games and by the end you're either going to cry or break your PSP out of anger but you will sure have a fun time getting to that state of rage.
Prinnies are little demons with batwings who serve the Demon Lord Etna for a couple of sardines every so called paycheck until their debt has been paid. Prinnies are the souls of all the criminals that have died and have gone to the  Nether World. They are the lowest form of demons and the most picked on. If a Prinny is mistreated then they will blow up which is every Prinny's worst nightmare. Demon Lord Etna grants the Prinnies extra power so they wouldn't blow up in order to have the Prinnies retrieve her panties which according to rumors if sniffed the earth will explode.
You will play the role of a Prinny who wears a scarf and goes through different areas of the Nether World to meet other Demon's and ask for their rare items. However each demon will not give up their rare item without a fight. Each level is different and you must fight your way through hoards of demons. Depending on your difficulty settings you will either have 3 or 1 HP but are given 1000 lives to make it to the end which for some may not be enough. For people who choose the baby difficulty setting the best advice is to just run through the stage as fast as you can. Death is a certainty but as long as you make it to the checkpoint that's all that matters.
You will have several attacks to help you along the way. You have your regular sword slash which is the one most frequently used. You also have an air attack although you have to be careful on where you use that attack as 1. it will dash you a bit forward and 2. its limited. Both negatives will leave you wide open for an enemy attack which under the right circumstances can kill you. You can also do a spin move which is you let go after stars fly out you can dash. This is a useful move because while you are spinning you can avoid ground enemies. You can also  As you keep attacking your enemies or collect Sweets, your combo meter will go up until Prinny is fully powered up. Prinny's attacks will get stronger but the only different attack will be the spinning attack as you can damage enemies while spinning. You can also do a ground pount to knock enemies unconscious.
When I said this is one of the hardest games out there I wasn't joking. The early levels are easy but as you proceed the levels become harder and harder. You literally have to be careful whether you attack an enemy or just run for it as some enemies take more hits to kill than others but as you focus your attention on one another one will attack you. Health is rare so you must pick your opponents carefully. Towards the end of the level you will face a Boss which isn't any easier. There are however some Boss Battles easier than others but by that I mean you will die less times than others. The best or perhaps the only way to defeat a Boss is to ground pound his head and knock him out and then hit him with your swords or power ups. Each Boss is different so you must use strategy to defeat each and every single one.
Prinny 2 DooD play's like a regular 2D Platformer but it also features 3D rendered backgrounds and platforms. The only 2D thing is the characters themselves which are very comical. The characters themselves look like anime characters which has hot chicks with very trampy customs. I'm not saying that's a bad thing and if anything it's a Plus. While the characters may be 2D they do show expressions such as fear and anger which are nicely and comically done. The background renders also move so smoothly throughout the game you'd think the PSP was running at 120hz. 
My complain about Prinny 2 is the controls. It's not the worst controller set up but it could have been better. When jumping you cannot move forward or at times it doesn't read your command leaving you stuck in the same place. Climbing a platform also gives you the same results. You will be trying to avoid enemies but when hanging from a cliff you will be smashing buttons but at times Prinny will not respond and when he does it will already be too late. Those are the only 2 main complaints and I wish they would have addressed this issue. While it doesn't render the game unplayable, with its difficulty it guaranteed some frustrating times. 
Prinny 2 features a new voice cast and while I may not have played the first Prinny game which has an entirely different cast, the voiceovers are well done it seems the actors actually dove into the characters. The soundtrack could have been better but it does match the mood and the events of the game.
Prinny 2 is good entertainment fun for a few hours. You can always go back and aim for a higher score. There is also an extra game unlocked if you beat the main story called Asagi Wars which features 6 more stages. Asagi accidently blew herself up and is now out for revenge. It's a nice addition which adds more to the story and if you enjoyed the main game you will definitely enjoy Asagi Wars. 
Closing Comments:
Prinny 2 is a challenging game that will make you cry because it's so hard. Yet with 1000 lives the game is manageable and victory is not impossible depending on the difficulty. Prinny 2 has great action and comedy with a unique art style to go along with it. It's not the best game out there but it's worth checking out specially if you played the first Prinny game. 

GamePlay: Challenging gameplay but you have 1000 lives to more than beat the game. 8/10

Graphics: Great 3D background graphics with 2D animated characters. 8/10

Sound: Great voice cast and soundtrack that matches the game's theme. 8/10

Story: Not a complex story but it's entertaining at best. Probably one of the few original stories out there. 9/10

LifeSpan: 2 games in 1 offers 5 hours of gameplay with plenty of dead Prinnies along the way. You can always go back and challenge yourself with a harder difficulty level if you're brave enough. 8/10

Total Score: 82/100

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