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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Zelda Hyrule Warriors Screen Shots

The one game Nintendo isn't advertising heavily.

Zelda is one of my favorite games and normally I would buy any Zelda game where touching the screen to play the game is required. Given that, This is the first I have heard of a new Zelda title on the Wii U.

Developed by Omega Force with Team Ninja (The team that brought you Metroid Other M), Is bringing Zelda: Hyrule warriors in a style similar to Dynasty Warriors. So just think Dynasty Warriors with LoZ Characters. Hyrule warriors is set to release on August 14 in Japan and so far no announcement has been made for other markets which is ridiculous seeing as how Nintendo need as many games on the Wii U as possible.


2538384 hyrule8

2538383 hyrule7

2538382 hyrule6
Link's sword isn't the only thing this game will be raising.

2538381 hyrule5

2538380 hyrule4

2538378 hyrule3

2538375 hyrule1

2538373 hyrule9


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