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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


A game that PSVita owners need.

Also be advised that For the first month of the game's release, NIS AMerica will also be offering free Disgaea DLC that will allow you to download character portraits of Etna, Flonne, Sicily, Asagi, and Prinny as party members!

Key features:
Dungeon RPG progress system:
Conquer locations within dungeons to access better
items and to draw out the boss!
HD character and monster illustrations:
Experience highly detailed and illustrated art
like you’ve never seen before on the PS Vita’s screen!
Customizable party 
Choose from over 40 different character portraits, 5
different races, and 8 different classes to create your ideal adventuring party and delve fearlessly into various beautiful 3D dungeons!

Subclass flexibility:
Utilize special items to gain skills from several other character
classes to maximize your characters’ battle potential and survivability!
Touchscreen quicktravel:
Employ the use of the PS Vita’s touch screen to quickly
navigate your character through previously explored areas within dungeons!

Santa Ana,Calif.(April 22, 2014)
NIS America is thrilled to announce that the critically acclaimed dungeon crawling RPG, Demon Gaze®, is now available for purchase for the PlayStation®Vita system. The title will launch in Europe on April 25 and both retail and digital versions of this title will be available. As the main character Oz, you will explore
beautiful 3D dungeons as you fight against a myriad of illustrated and highly detailed monsters in order to bolster your party with ever stronger equipment. Fans of high definition anime artwork and dungeon exploration will enjoy gazing upon this title!

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