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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Save games via PSN

Sony releasing Save to Cloud feature that saves game data to their servers.

Lets face it Hard Drives Fail. I've had 2 people I know have a Hard Drive fail on their PS3 systems and what sucks the most is that there is no way to recuperate the data on the PS3 whether it's saved games, movies or photos. The problem is that no one knows when a fail is going to come up so we back up all our data every now and then but that feels like a drag. Luckily Sony is releasing a new feature called Save to Cloud which allows players to save their game data to the PSN Servers.

This feature will come in FW 3.60 which should be rolling out pretty soon. Sony will offer each gamer up to 150MB of data or 1000 saves per account and it also works on games where copying from PS3 to USB doesn't work.

The only downside to this program is that it's only available to PSN Plus members so for people that don't have it, you're out of luck.


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